Patient Supportive Care

Solving skyrocketing costs of treating specialty drug patient populations.

Improved outcomes and safety
Reduced cost and waste
Appropriate, quality care
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Employers and health plans lack the resources to manage the Total Cost of Care for patients with rare diseases on specialty drugs.

We make this possible through tech-enabled, pharmacist-led interventions with patients and physicians.

Starting with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Psoriasis, and Crohn's Disease

We deliver real impact

It's in what we do and how we do it.


Greater vesting in disease outcomes.

Tangible improvements in quality of life.

Employers & Plans

Decrease RA, Psoriasis, and Crohn's Disease specialty drug costs.

Derive real information and insight from data.


More optimal patient therapy utilization.

Monitor and improve disease outcomes.

Problem we solve

Specialty drug costs are a LARGE and RAPIDLY GROWING problem

The trend is simply unsustainable.

In 18 months, specialty drugs will be 50% of all drug spend, but they're prescribed to <4% of patients.

We manage and reduce Total Cost of Care for these hard-to-reach high cost and risk patients.

We focus on RA, the fastest growing specialty drug segment.

Per patient drug costs are $30,000 per year.
Productivity losses add another $15,000.
5,000 rheumatologists treat 1.5 million RA patients.
They're juggling a $45 billion annual cost & treatment challenge.
What we do

Pharmacist-led total cost of care management

A trusted, independent third party that improves quality, outcomes, and costs.

Data Analysis

Sophisticated data analytics to identify the highest-cost and risk patients.


In-person and virtual patient and physician visits tailored to drive behavior change.

We align incentives across stakeholders to improve outcomes and costs.


Unit cost management

Utilization management

Outcome improvement


Proprietary data and population health insights surface the approximately 20% of patients that are:

- Over-treated
- Highest cost and risk
- Most likely to benefit from behavior changing interventions

Our pharmacists partner with each patient's rheumatologist to engage:

- Independently
- In home & virtually
- Cost effectively

We aggregate tiny patient populations in a geography.

Who we are

A team of industry leaders, experienced pharmacists, and technologists.

Decades of pharmacy care, benefits management, and tech experience.
Perry Cohen
Chief Executive Officer

Experienced pharmacy executive. The Pharmacy Group cofounder and former COO of Aetna's PBM business unit

Deb d’Aquin
Chief Marketing Officer

Executive experience developing and implementing new growth models in healthcare, consumer, technology, and services.

Marj Zimmerman
Chief Operating Officer

Pharmacist by training with extensive experience in decentralized pharmacist field operations and education.

Rich Balest
Chief Analytics Officer

Pharmacist by training with deep analytical skills creating information and insights across pharmacy and medical claims data.

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